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Pebbell 2 Waterproof GPS (IP66)


Mobicare Pebbell is extremely small, light weighted and follows use everywhere comfortably. You can use it to protect the ones you care most. Mobicare Pebbell will secure your children on their way to school and you feel reassured knowing where your children are. Our elderly people can rely on Mobicare’s versitile functions, knowing that just a push of a button they will get help should it be needed.


Package includes:

– Pebbell 2 Waterproof GPS device

– Pebbell Tracking-license 12 kk              29,90€

– Saldo                                                        5,50€

– Opening fee                                              9,90€

– Charging dock                                         18,90€

– Charger                                                     9,90€

– App (Android and iOS)

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Product Description



Hardware specifications

Mainframe dimension 61mm*44mm*16mm

Net weight 35gr.

Gsm frequency 900/1800Mhz tai 850/1900Mhz

GPS U-blox 7 (support AGPS)

GPS-sensitivity cold start -148 dBm / hot start 162dBm

GPS-accuracy <2,5m

Käynnistys cold start 32 s.,warm start 11s., hot start 1s.

Charging voltage 5V DC

Battery rechargeable 3.7V 900 mAh

Power consumption stand by -< 2mAh

Storage -40C-+85C

Operation temperature -20C-+80C

Warranty 12 kk



two-way communication

SOS-button sends "help me" sms with lacation coordinates to the authorized numbers and starts to calling 

fall detection

motion alarm

geo fence

long battery life and and notification when battery need reloading

speed alarm


For example. motor vehicles, valuable goods, etc.

With PEBBELL LIVE TRACKING you can follow the device via phone / tablet or laptop 


PEBBELL 2 WATERPROOF is suitable also for

– berry pickers

– hunters

– fishermen

– alone workers

– motorbikes

– boaters

– hikers

Perimeter Control enables you to be informed immediately if the device is moved away from pre-defined perimeter or area.

Thanks to the SOS button this device will send a Google Maps link with a current location to all pre-defined mobile phones or pads of your choice. Immediately after sending the tracking information it will automatically call an actual voice call to pre-defined phone numbers of your choice.

The GPRS connection in the Mobicare device enables you to follow the movement of the device also from your computer. Smart Tracking – location service gives you the option for real time location and history information browsing. Just choose the time and this service will draw you the actual route device has been moved.

Geofence –function and its small size will enable PEBBELL to serve as a burglar alarm. PEBBEL is easy to hide for example to your car, motorcycle, scooter, boat, mobile home…or almost wherever.




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