Mobicare EuroSIM – always the best network with fixed price!

Using MOBICARE EUROSIM you make sure that you never will have unexpected data roaming fees. Voice calls 0,1979€ per minute, SMS 0,1979€ per message and data 0,1979€ per Mb.

For your travelling you may choose EUROSIM –prepaid for a fixed price to all of European Union. Full Roaming –data SIM will free you from different operators with its price guarantee 0,1979€ per Mb.

Adding value to your EuroSIM is easy via our Mobicare EASYPAYG –site.
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Choose EUROSIM best fit for your use

Always best network, always a fixes price. Covers all European countries and gives you the freedom to stay in touch with ones close to you without any unexpected costs. Receiving calls is free of roaming charge. Choose the option best fitting your needs form our on-line store!



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