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Activity collar for pets, 40cm-75cm



Activity collar for dogs gives you a whole new view to your dog's life. Track daily activity, sleep and exercise. By knowing the activity levels of your pet, you understand it better. The changes in activity can also reveal symptoms of stress, injuries and illnesses that otherwise would go unnoticed.


-easy to use

-no need to load battery

-flexible collar

-simpple App, day, month and real time view


-warranty 12 month

​-mobile App for iOS (Kaunila lemmikeille)

*free delivery in Finland*



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Product Description



Live view – real time activity

Calenar – You can follow the development of activity over a longer period of time 

Day view – one day activity in every hours 


•  With Kaunila activit collar you can follow your pet's day activities and changes in activity. 

• The product is ideal for looking after the well-being of any type of dog every 24 hours. 

•  Activity monitoring helps to get information for example, aging, allergic and frustrated dogs. The activity collar can be used by owners of over-active, rehabilitative and weight control dogs.

•  The product is also suitable for active dog enthusiasts, for example, to regain recovery or exercise loads. 


The activity collar is made of flexible material and is suitable for dogs of many sizes. Collar is adjustable and easy to wash.

Waterproof 30m (ISO 6425)

Battery CR 2025 3V

12 month limited warranty 

Package includes activity sensor, collar and mobile App (iOS).

Collar connects to Your smartphone using bluetooth.
Operating system iOS 9 or later.